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Technical Specifications:




Kilosaver Switch (KS7)



78mm x 100mm x 30~50mm




110/230V ac



7A ac
Effective Range:


5 meters




Adjustable from 10 sec. to 8 hours


Luminous Intensity Setting:


5 LUX to infinity (direct sunlight)


*Warranty Period:


24 months

Manufactured and designed in Singapore.



1. Avoid placing sensor facing direct light source.

2. Strictly for indoor use only and away from water prone areas.





*Warranty Terms & Conditions:

1. Applies to products supported by a valid Kiloenergy International’s Contract or Invoice Statement.

2. Repairs or replacements are valid only in Singapore.

3. Warranty does not include on-site support.

4. Warranty is valid for products proved to be under proper use and defect arises by reason only of faulty design & manufacturing defects.

5. Warranty Period is effective from date of purchase and as stated in contract or invoice.


Kiloenergy International reserves the right to amend the Warranty Terms &

Conditions without prior notice.